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Feds look to bolster government lawyers’ billable hour targets

“Historically, they’ve always told us through the years that they don’t use the time keeping to keep an eye on us,”

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Publication date : 2014-08-25
Strapped federal criminal law policy section not sustainable: report

“It is not operating in a manner that is sustainable.”

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Publication date : 2014-08-18
DoJ hunger games

“They were all reading the tea leaves and saying . . . this is going to be interesting,”

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Publication date : 2014-08-04
Partisanship bill a big worry for federal lawyers

Gag order for government lawyers

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Publication date : 2014-03-24
Canadian Pension Expert Says Alward’s Shared Risk Plan is “Irrespons​ible”

“One size does not fit all.” 

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Publication date : 2013-11-20

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