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Saskatoon police want public ‘to be aware but not afraid’ after courthouse bombing

The Saskatoon Police Service is cautioning the public to not panic after an improvised explosive device was set off at the city's provincial courthouse Wednesday night. There were no injuries, but the exterior of the building was damaged.

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Publication date : 2017-03-30
‘A very big concern,’ says Alberta justice minister of stayed charges due to staff shortage

The provincial government intends to pump more money into the justice system to ensure long-delayed court cases do not continue to be dropped. Call for 50 more Crown prosecutors.

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Publication date : 2017-03-03
Alberta prosecutors at ‘breaking point’ as abandoned cases pile up

Alberta prosecutors say they are at a “breaking point” and have abandoned many more serious criminal cases than the public knows. James Pickard, president of the Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association, says they have stayed criminal charges against 200 people – including 18 accused of impaired driving – in the past two months because of a shortage of prosecutors.

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Publication date : 2017-03-02
The SQ on the side of lawyers

According to lawyer negotiator Luc Bruno, it is only a matter of time before Crown prosecutors mimic SQ police officers and turn to the courts for arbitration instead of mere recommendations. Bruno's remarks are echoed by the Canadian Association of Crown Counsel, chaired by a lawyer from Halifax, Rick Woodburn. "In Quebec, the government tells its lawyers that they cannot be entitled to binding arbitration and it takes away the right to strike. In our view, this is unconstitutional."

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Publication date : 2017-03-01
Alberta’s justice system has reached ‘breaking point,’ say prosecutors

The justice system in Alberta is facing a crisis. Criminal charges are being abandoned because of a shortage of prosecutors, claims Crown Attorneys' Association. James Pickard said "years of neglect," along with the current provincial hiring freeze, are to blame.

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Publication date : 2017-03-01
Alberta drops 15 criminal cases in resources crunch

A senior prosecutor in Alberta stayed 15 criminal cases on Tuesday, saying in Provincial Court that the justice system simply does not have enough resources to prosecute them…. “This is one of the symptoms of a failing justice system, when charges – and we believe they are serious charges – are stayed for lack of resources,” Rick Woodburn, president of the Canadian Association of Crown Counsel, who practises in Halifax, said in an interview.

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Publication date : 2017-03-01

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