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Les Leyne: Premier David Eby takes on lawyers — again

The B.C. NDP government has introduced a one-page bill that bestows the right to join a union on the 350 lawyers who work for government. There’s a catch. It herds them into a union the government prefers, the Professional Employees Association, rather than allowing them to form their own.

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Date de parution : 2023-05-06
'Unfair labour practice': B.C. government accused of blocking union bid by its own lawyers

Lawyers for the B.C. government say the province has ended negotiations with them ahead of legislation they claim aims to block their right to form their own union.

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Date de parution : 2023-05-04
N.B. prosecutors say recent sexual assault stay is evidence of resource shortage

New Brunswick’s justice system is reaching a crisis point. Urgent calls have been made to address the provincial criminal justice system after a decision was made to stay a sexual assault case due to the lack of prosecutors. According to the New Brunswick Crown Prosecutors Association, the judge’s decision, made in Moncton last Friday, is directly linked to the shortage of resources.

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Date de parution : 2023-03-01
Delays prompt judge to stay charges against man accused of sexual assault
Delays prompt judge to stay charges against man accused of sexual assault

Charges were stayed in Moncton provincial court Friday against a man accused of sexual assault, with the judge agreeing with the defence that the accused had waited too long to be tried. Meanwhile, New Brunswick Crown Prosecutors Association, representing Crown attorneys, saying staffing shortages in their ranks are at crisis levels.

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Date de parution : 2023-02-24
Government lawyers in B.C. fight for right to form their own union following newly tabled bill
Government lawyers in B.C. fight for right to form their own union following newly tabled bill

The B.C. Government Lawyers Association (BCGLA) is speaking out against the newly tabled Bill 5, which will allow government lawyers interested in unionizing to join the Professional Employees Association (PEA) for government-licensed professionals, but does not allow them to form their own union.

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Date de parution : 2023-02-11
B.C. government lawyers fight for right to unionize on their own terms
B.C. government lawyers fight for right to unionize on their own terms

Lawyers who work for the B.C. government writing legislation, providing legal advice and representing government in civil litigation want the right to join a union of their choice. The B.C. Government Lawyers Association said that 75 per cent of the government’s 350 lawyers had signed cards asking that the association be allowed to represent them as its proposed new union.

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Date de parution : 2022-11-21

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Alberta: Prioritizing high-quality prosecution services


Alberta’s government has approved market adjustments for Alberta’s Crown prosecutors as part of prioritizing high-quality prosecutions.


To address issues raised by the Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association, Alberta’s government met with the association throughout April to determine a path forward. As prosecutor pay was an issue, a comprehensive analysis of market rates across the country was completed. It showed that prosecutor compensation was noticeably lower in Alberta.


As a result, Alberta’s Crown prosecutors will receive market adjustments to make their pay competitive with other provinces and the federal prosecution service. Now, Alberta will be able to attract new prosecutors and keep experienced prosecutors, which is critical to an effective criminal justice system.


Over the next few months, the government will engage with the Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association on a framework to build a strong working relationship. Additional supports for Crown prosecutors will be explored, including looking at the possibility of dedicated on-call mental health professionals who specialize in trauma and post-traumatic stress.


“I want to extend my thanks to Alberta Crown Attorneys’ Association for their advocacy on behalf of Alberta’s Crown prosecutors. Paying Alberta’s Crown prosecutors a market rate is critical to ensuring that we have the best and brightest on the job conducting criminal prosecutions on behalf of Albertans.”

               Tyler Shandro, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General


“We are focused on bringing our per capita spending in line with other provinces. That also means ensuring salaries in the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service are competitive so we can retain and attract the most experienced and capable prosecutors to keep criminal matters moving through the courts and ensure our justice system serves Albertans.”

               Travis Toews, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance



Quick facts


The new salary grid is in addition to other recent steps to make Alberta’s Crown prosecutor salaries competitive:


To help prosecutors with their workload, Alberta’s government committed to hiring 50 new Crown prosecutors and created the 50 positions needed to meet our commitment:


While courts across the country face more cases than time and resources to quickly hear them, Alberta is taking action to address the backlog in general and the workload of prosecutors: