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Un ancien avocat de la Couronne exorte la province d'augmenter son appui aux avocats de la Couronne en crise

The Ministry of the Attorney General should cover the cost of mental-health treatment for Crown attorneys whose condition was due to work-related stress, according to former Crown counsel.

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La diffusion du procès dans son entier celui d'oscar Pistoris : Une première en Afrique du Sud

The first broadcast of a full criminal trial in South Africa is underway in the murder trial of one-time Olympic darling Oscar Pistorius. The cameras began rolling yesterday after a long fight over Open Justice and Freedom of Expression. But here in Canada, most everything before our equivalent courts remains cloaked in electronic silence and darkness.

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Sur la colline parlementaire : Temps difficiles pour les avocats de la couronne tandis que le gouvernement se serrer la ceinture

It could be quite a year for federal government lawyers. Their labour contract is up for renewal and they’ll be going head-to-head with the federal Treasury Board and its president, Tony Clement, a man who doesn’t have a reputation as the sweetest guy in the world.

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Pavel V. Dmitrichenko est présumé innocent mais amené devant le tribunal dans une cage

MOSCOW — Under the Russian Constitution, Pavel V. Dmitrichenko, the star dancer charged with arranging an acid attack on the Bolshoi Ballet’s artistic director, is innocent until proven guilty. But in court, Mr. Dmitrichenko sits in a locked iron cage, guarded by security officers and, at times, a nasty-looking dog

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