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Labour officials, N.S. government to meet to discuss Bill 148

Representatives with organized labour and the Nova Scotia government will meet to discuss how to address outstanding issues with a contentious piece of legislation used to impose wage restraint. Bill 148, passed by the former Liberal government to impose wage patterns and remove a lump-sum retirement benefit known as the long-service award, continues to be tied up in court. 

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Publication date : 2022-06-17
Alberta: Prioritizing high-quality prosecution services

Alberta’s government has approved market adjustments for Alberta’s Crown prosecutors as part of prioritizing high-quality prosecutions. Alberta’s Crown prosecutors will receive market adjustments to make their pay competitive with other provinces and the federal prosecution service. Now, Alberta will be able to attract new prosecutors and keep experienced prosecutors, which is critical to an effective criminal justice system.

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Publication date : 2022-05-02
Alberta Crown prosecutors meet to consider strike
Alberta Crown prosecutors meet to consider strike

The Alberta Crown Attorneys' Association (ACAA) met Wednesday evening to consider taking job action.  The group, representing 380 Crown prosecutors across the province, sent a letter to Premier Jason Kenney to address what it called "the crisis in the justice system" and the possibility of taking "drastic steps." The association alleges that "chronic underfunding" of Alberta's prosecution service is coming to a head and that all attempts to meet with the current and former justice ministers had been rejected. 

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Publication date : 2022-04-06
Statement by the Commonwealth Lawyers Association on the attack on Ukraine
Statement by the Commonwealth Lawyers Association on the attack on Ukraine

The CLA condemns the brutal, unjustified and unlawful invasion of Ukraine by the Russian State. International Law is clear. The brutal and unprovoked attack on the Ukraine breaches fundamental principles of international law. The loss of life and damage to property and infrastructure are appalling and a humanitarian outrage. 

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Publication date : 2022-03-03
IAP Statement Regarding the Events in Ukraine and the Russian Federation

The International Association of Prosecutors joins the international community in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ordered by the President of the Russian Federation. This act violates both Ukraine’s sovereignty and international law. A state is prohibited from the use or threat of force against another state unless acting in self-defence or acting pursuant to a United Nations Security Council resolution. Neither of these two exceptions is applicable to Russia’s actions against Ukraine.

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Publication date : 2022-03-01
B.C. risks losing top Crown prosecutors if it scraps existing salary structure, association warns
B.C. risks losing top Crown prosecutors if it scraps existing salary structure, association warns

The association representing Crown lawyers in B.C. says the province will be at risk of losing its most experienced prosecutors if it doesn't agree to keep their old salary structure intact. The warning from the B.C. Crown Counsel Association comes after a contract dispute between the lawyers and the province hit the two-year mark without a solution.

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Publication date : 2022-02-10

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Prosecutors Insulted by Government Salary Offer


Criminal and penal prosecutors are pissed off. While an independent committee recommended an upgrade of their salary conditions by almost 20%, the government only plans to give them 10% over four years.

The independent committee made up of Mr. Guy Lemay, Yves Morin and Clément D'Astous, a former deputy minister, submitted its report last fall. D'Astous made a different recommendation from the two lawyers, which the government now endorses.

“We are disappointed and dissatisfied. I am surprised that the government does not respect the outcome of this independent process put in place by the National Assembly, which should adopt the committee's recommendations," said the President of the Association of Prosecutors of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (APPCP), Mr. Guillaume Michaud.

It should be noted, however, that the government offers a larger increase to prosecutors than to other employees in the public and parapublic sector. The government is offering them a 7% increase over five years.


But for Mr. Michaud, you shouldn't mix apples with oranges. If prosecutors submit to the independent committee's decisions, the government should do the same, he believes. The existence of this committee also prevents prosecutors from exercising the right to strike.

The increase proposed by the committee was 3.5% for each of the four years concerned, in addition to indexation to annual inflation of up to 1.75%, for a maximum total of 19.25%. This may seem considerable to ordinary people, but the salary increase is part of a desire to catch up with prosecutors from other Canadian provinces.

"It's always discouraging when you have news like that. We send a signal to the prosecutors saying: "We have a gap with the other provinces, a historical inequity, and we are not closing it." I can't speak for every attorney about what they will do (after the adoption of the salary proposals). But are they disappointed? Yes. "

This decision to offer only 10% over four years could help discourage young people to join the DCPP, according to the President of the APPCP.

“We are in competition with the big law firms, which give high salaries. If the wages to which prosecutors are entitled according to the independent committee are not given, the new lawyers could choose to go elsewhere, question wages and working conditions.


The Canadian Association of Crown Counsel, which brings together prosecutors from across the country, also expressed dissatisfaction to Minister of Justice Sonia LeBel.

"Your announcement is an affront to the constitutional right of prosecutors to have a fair and transparent mechanism for determining their remuneration," wrote Association President Rick Woodburn. The Ontario Crown Attorneys' Association also wrote to Minister LeBel to express their dissatisfaction.

For Guillaume Michaud, it is still too early to say if the prosecutors will adopt certain means of pressure to make their discontent heard, but everything is on the table.

According to the latest agreement, an attorney is paid from $59,433 to $119,815, according to his experience.

The creation of the independent compensation committee for prosecutors had been unanimously approved by the National Assembly in 2016.