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Bitter anniversary for Quebec government lawyers

It was one year ago today that the Quebec government passed a law that forced the province’s 1,100 civil lawyers and notaries back to work after a four-month general strike, the longest in Canadian public service history. But the head of the lawyers’ union says time hasn’t taken the sting out of the collective slap his members received when the law was passed following a marathon 24-hour debate in the National Assembly on Feb. 28, 2017.

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Publication date : 2018-02-28
‘Bully’ bosses issue ‘swept under the carpet’ until junior government lawyer sent email

A junior lawyer’s decision to speak out — with an email copied to dozens of government lawyers — about an allegedly “abusive” boss at Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General caused Queen’s Park to finally take notice of historic problems that were later called a “festering” sore in a government report.

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Publication date : 2018-02-22
Ontario government lawyers being terrorized by ‘bully’ bosses, secret report reveals

Ontario’s Liberal government has kept secret an explosive report that paints some of its most senior bureaucrats — male and female — as bullies who have harassed and discriminated against hundreds of provincial lawyers and administrative assistants for years.  The workplace for 600 government lawyers and several hundred administrative staff at the Ministry of the Attorney General is described as a “toxic” cesspool where fear and retribution rule the day...

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Publication date : 2018-02-21
Lawyers promise to drag Couillard and Moreau to court

Despite their four-month strike in the middle of the winter, lawyers and public notaries (LANEQ) will have to settle for the lowest wage increase in the entire public service. Unable to agree with Quebec, they promise to drag Philippe Couillard and Pierre Moreau before the courts.

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Publication date : 2017-07-13
Lawyers and Notaries of the Québec State: Predictable Failure of Mandatory Mediation

Quebec lawyers and notaries (LANEQ) react to the disclosure of the report resulting from mandatory mediation with the government under the law. The report concludes that mediation has failed. According to LANEQ, this desolate result was predictable, since the law passed by the government to force the return to work of its members did not allow a real negotiation.

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Publication date : 2017-07-13
A case of no respect?

Striking government lawyers in Quebec were forced back to work. Where does that leave them now? ....LANEQ is still hoping for positive outcomes to a legal challenge it launched against the government’s back-to-work law, as well as an action filed with Quebec’s labour relations board, accusing the government of bargaining in bad faith. One positive thing to come out of the strike, says Desroches-Lapointe, is the strong sense of solidarity that was forged among lawyers. 

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Publication date : 2017-07-10

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2009 Theman’s award recipient to Paul Vesa and Paul Vesa bursary


Dear Friends of Paul Vesa :
At 5:00pm on April 16, 2009, at the Raddison Admiral Hotel, 249 Queen's Quay West , Toronto, our colleague Paul Vesa will receive the coveted CACC Dennis Theman award from the Canadian Association of Crown Counsel. Paul's spouse, Ondina Zanini will receive this award on Paul's behalf.
Following this ceremony, the Paul Vesa Bursary at the University of Windsor will be formally announced.
Your are invited to attend this important occasion to well remember Paul.
Yours truly,
Tom Hewitt President Ontario Crown Attorneys Association
Nick Hedley President Association of Law Officers of the Crown
Claude Girard President Canadian Assocation of Crown Counsel

Paul Vesa Bursary description

The Paul Vesa (University of Windsor Law ’81) bursary is available to the second year student interested in the practice of criminal law who best exemplifies Paul’s tremendous love of life, community involvement, education of the profession and deep commitment to the administration of justice.
Paul Vesa passed away on June 14, 2008 after a brief but ferocious battle with leukemia. Paul was an accomplished barrister having prosecuted as an assistant crown attorney for the majority of his professional life. Paul’s contribution to the community reached far beyond the court room. Paul was a strong leader in the professional advancement of crown attorneys and lawyers across Ontario and Canada. Over his career Paul was the President of the Ontario Crown Attorneys’ Association, Canadian Association of Crown Counsel and long-standing member of the Ontario Bar Association and Canadian Bar Association serving on the OBA Executive and on countless committees and projects.