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Labour officials, N.S. government to meet to discuss Bill 148

Representatives with organized labour and the Nova Scotia government will meet to discuss how to address outstanding issues with a contentious piece of legislation used to impose wage restraint. Bill 148, passed by the former Liberal government to impose wage patterns and remove a lump-sum retirement benefit known as the long-service award, continues to be tied up in court. 

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Publication date : 2022-06-17
Alberta: Prioritizing high-quality prosecution services

Alberta’s government has approved market adjustments for Alberta’s Crown prosecutors as part of prioritizing high-quality prosecutions. Alberta’s Crown prosecutors will receive market adjustments to make their pay competitive with other provinces and the federal prosecution service. Now, Alberta will be able to attract new prosecutors and keep experienced prosecutors, which is critical to an effective criminal justice system.

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Publication date : 2022-05-02
Alberta Crown prosecutors meet to consider strike
Alberta Crown prosecutors meet to consider strike

The Alberta Crown Attorneys' Association (ACAA) met Wednesday evening to consider taking job action.  The group, representing 380 Crown prosecutors across the province, sent a letter to Premier Jason Kenney to address what it called "the crisis in the justice system" and the possibility of taking "drastic steps." The association alleges that "chronic underfunding" of Alberta's prosecution service is coming to a head and that all attempts to meet with the current and former justice ministers had been rejected. 

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Publication date : 2022-04-06
Statement by the Commonwealth Lawyers Association on the attack on Ukraine
Statement by the Commonwealth Lawyers Association on the attack on Ukraine

The CLA condemns the brutal, unjustified and unlawful invasion of Ukraine by the Russian State. International Law is clear. The brutal and unprovoked attack on the Ukraine breaches fundamental principles of international law. The loss of life and damage to property and infrastructure are appalling and a humanitarian outrage. 

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Publication date : 2022-03-03
IAP Statement Regarding the Events in Ukraine and the Russian Federation

The International Association of Prosecutors joins the international community in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ordered by the President of the Russian Federation. This act violates both Ukraine’s sovereignty and international law. A state is prohibited from the use or threat of force against another state unless acting in self-defence or acting pursuant to a United Nations Security Council resolution. Neither of these two exceptions is applicable to Russia’s actions against Ukraine.

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Publication date : 2022-03-01
B.C. risks losing top Crown prosecutors if it scraps existing salary structure, association warns
B.C. risks losing top Crown prosecutors if it scraps existing salary structure, association warns

The association representing Crown lawyers in B.C. says the province will be at risk of losing its most experienced prosecutors if it doesn't agree to keep their old salary structure intact. The warning from the B.C. Crown Counsel Association comes after a contract dispute between the lawyers and the province hit the two-year mark without a solution.

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Publication date : 2022-02-10

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Another victory for state lawyers in the Court of Appeal


Les avocats et notaires de l'État québécois (LANEQ) had walked out for four months, in 2016 and 2017, as part of a difficult negotiation to renew their collective agreement with the Quebec government.


Les avocats et notaires de l'État québécois (LANEQ) has just won another victory, while the Court of Appeal upheld the judgment of the Superior Court which had invalidated the special law forcing their return to work, at the end of a long strike in 2017.


The president of the Treasury Board at the time, Pierre Moreau, had ended the strike with a special law, which had forced the return to work of state lawyers, under threat of heavy fines. The special law also prohibited them from going on strike for three years. It also provided for a mechanism for the continuation of negotiations and, in the absence of an agreement, working conditions had to be imposed.


LANEQ had challenged the constitutionality of the special law and had won the case before the Superior Court in September 2019.


The judge had determined that the special law constituted a "substantial obstacle to freedom of association" and that its justification had not been demonstrated.


The Court of Appeal has now confirmed this judgment of the Superior Court.


"What the two courts are saying is that our constitutional right, which includes the right to negotiate and to strike, has been violated by the government and that the law in question constitutes an obstacle to our right to negotiate," Mr. Marc Dion, President of LANEQ, summarized in an interview with The Canadian Press, Thursday.


LANEQ, however, had not succeeded in convincing the Superior Court to impose the establishment of a genuine dispute settlement mechanism. The judge felt that it was up to the parties to negotiate this between them.


"There is nevertheless a very strong moral weight of the Court of Appeal," noted Mr. Dion.


“We are satisfied that the Court of Appeal confirmed the decision of' the Superior Court. It's a long journey. It takes a lot of patience; it takes a lot of energy, but lawyers and notaries are determined,” he concluded.


The issues at the time were about pay parity with criminal and penal prosecuting attorneys, as well as a dispute resolution mechanism that would be binding on the parties.


Mr. Dion emphasized that even today, the parties have still not settled the collective agreement for 2015-2020, while it must negotiate that of 2020-2023.


"We are still in discussions, yes still, with the Treasury Board to try to set up, in fact, a new negotiation regime for Les avocats et notaires de l'État québécois, even if the Coalition Avenir Québec had made a commitment on the eve of the election campaign, in 2018, to reform our negotiation process," said Mr. Dion.