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Prosecutors say talks at 'impasse'

Warning that underpaid and overworked federal prosecutors may bolt to the provinical Crowns, the union for 2,600 federal government lawyers has walked away from the bargaining table after almost three years of fruitless talks with Ottawa.

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Date de parution : 2017-01-17
Lawyers top up war chest to face prolonged strike

A general strike by lawyers and notaries who work for the Quebec government shows no signs of abating as the province is remaining firm while the union has received the approval of the overwhelming majority of its members to shore up its war chest and prolong the work stoppage at least until the end of the year.

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Date de parution : 2016-12-02
Ontario to hire more judges, prosecutors to tackle trial delays

Ontario has announced the biggest expansion of its criminal-justice system in more than two decades, two weeks after a judge scrapped a first-degree-murder charge because the accused had spent four years in jail waiting for his trial to be completed.

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Date de parution : 2016-12-01
No quick fix for Nova Scotia's slow court system

'Have they put the money in to keep pace with the crimes that are being committed? No, they’re not.' The planned expansion of a program that diverts people accused of minor crimes from Nova Scotia's courtrooms will not fix long delays in an overburdened system, according to a Crown prosecutor in Halifax and President of the Canadian Association of Crown Counsel.

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Date de parution : 2016-11-24
'No justice' for accused, victims when court cases tossed by delays, lawyer says

Kate Matthews, the head of Ontario's Crown Attorneys' Association, says underfunding plus an increase in the volume and complexity of evidence are key factors slowing down criminal justice cases.

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Date de parution : 2016-11-22
Ontario tries to stop criminal charges being stayed by trial delays

The Ontario Crown Attorneys Association estimates there are about 6,000 criminal cases that could see charges stayed or withdrawn, and it blames a shortage of judges, prosecutors and court space. Association president Kate Matthews said the group has been raising the alarm about the need for more resources in Crown attorney's offices for years, calling a crisis inevitable.

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Date de parution : 2016-11-21

À-propos de L’ACJÉ

L'Association canadienne des juristes de l'État est une association nationale qui représente les intérêts collectifs des procureurs de la Couronne et des juristes de l'État. Elle contribue au développement d'une vision commune des gouvernements et du public sur des questions impliquant les procureurs de la Couronne en tant qu’intervenants du système de justice pénale ainsi que les juristes de l'État à titre d’intervenants du système de justice civile et administrative. L'Association s'intéresse également aux questions et enjeux relatifs au travail des procureurs de la couronne ainsi que des juristes de l'État, plus spécifiquement en ce qui concerne leurs conditions d'embauche et d'emploi. L’Association préconise et encourage le développement professionnel ainsi que la formation continue des procureurs de la couronne et des juristes de l'État. L'ACJÉ est composée des représentants des associations de juristes de l'État œuvrant en droit pénal et civil des dix provinces et du gouvernement fédéral.

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Octobre 2016 - L'Association canadienne des juristes de l'État appuie les avocats et notaires de l'État québécois (LANEQ) dans leurs efforts à l'égard du gouvernement du Québec.

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